A guarantee of quality.

Residential • Multi-Unit • Commercial

New Construction

Located in Mirabel, Ayers Construction works in the field of new high-end construction. Our expertise is tangible and visible in every detail. Residential, commercial, multi-unit... everything is possible. So, whether it's building your next home, your new cottage, an income property or your next commercial space, we work with you to achieve an impeccable result that exceeds your expectations. The secret? An active listening of your needs, an overall vision and a great attention paid to the smallest details which will make of your new construction a luxurious construction and of superior quality.

A Dedicated Team

At Ayers Construction, we believe in excellence. We believe in flawless work. We are also convinced that a team's strength lies in its ability to collaborate. Our professionals are dedicated, perfectionists and motivated by a job well done, a flawless finish, attention to detail. They are obsessed with the implementation and satisfaction of your needs. They are the ones who know that the difference between honest work and remarkable work is sometimes only 1/32 of an inch.

Our team and its staff will support you and advise you in the design of your architectural, structural, layout, mechanical, home automation and interior design plans. We can also take steps to obtain your permits and also carry out your soil tests.

More Than Qualified

But our professionals are more than just dedicated. Trained and no longer qualified, our team is certified by the APCHQ and we offer the GCR guarantee, which gives you complete peace of mind. Since each project is different, every single construction, we set up teams whose expertise corresponds specifically to your project and its particularities. This is our commitment to you and your project.